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Discover our Enthusiastic Crew — Your Dedicated Guides for Crafting Unforgettable Ski Escapes and Customized Experiences Across Various Resorts in Bulgaria.

Hi there! I'm Tina, the proud manager of Ski Holidays Bulgaria.

Our team epitomizes an unparalleled passion and expertise for the Bulgarian ski scene that you won’t find elsewhere. This fervor is born from our deep affection for Bulgaria, with its snow-draped Mountains and the invigorating thrill of gliding down these incredible slopes. With extensive years of traversing these snow-covered trails, we are fully equipped to escort you through the electrifying realm of ski vacations in Bulgaria.

Free rider skiing
Freeskiing in Bulgaria

For numerous individuals, Bulgaria transcends being a mere location; it stands as an oasis for skiing devotees. However, we hold the belief that Bulgaria presents more than just heart-pounding descents. Envision your days enveloped by breathtaking mountain vistas, captivating Bulgarian architecture, and an abundance of winter pursuits for all. And let’s not overlook the distinct Bulgarian après ski encounter — nothing quite matches the feeling of concluding a day of skiing with a warm rakia and live harmonies in a snug mountain tavern.

About our young team

Our team is a dynamic assembly of enthusiasts, united by a shared adoration for the allure of Bulgaria. More than just team members, we are experienced skiers, passionate hikers, and unwavering admirers of Bulgaria’s enchantments. With an inherent affinity for winter sports and a profound appreciation for Bulgaria’s captivating landscapes, we’re here to serve as your ultimate advisors for an unforgettable ski vacation. It brings us immense pleasure to introduce others to the marvels of Bulgaria that we hold so dear.

Skier relaxing at sunny day on winter season
Relaxing and sunbathing in the mountains of Bulgaria

Embarking on a ski journey becomes effortlessly joyful under our guidance. Whether you’re in search of the ideal accommodation to mirror your preferences or a tailor-made expedition to encompass the finest of Bulgaria, we possess the expertise to fulfill your desires. Leave behind the concerns of ski passes, coordinating transfers, or other travel intricacies — we have all of those aspects covered. And with our 24/7 support, a seamless and memorable Bulgarian skiing experience is guaranteed.

Come and Explore With Ski Holidays Bulgaria

Realms of magnificence, inviting villages, age-old customs, and thrilling ski terrains — this encapsulates the essence of skiing in Bulgaria. We warmly welcome you to embark on a journey to uncover the spectrum of Ski Vacations across Bulgaria that we have carefully curated for your enjoyment.

Every package is intricately designed, highlighting our profound comprehension of what turns a skiing escape into an unforgettable memory. Whether you’re a seasoned skier in search of novel thrills or a newcomer preparing for your inaugural descent down the slopes, our selection ensures a fitting choice for every skiing enthusiast.

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